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Important: Please read all questions and answer honestly. With more comprehensive and honest answers, treatment quality will increase. After you complete the form, you will be redirected to whatsapp, where you will have to submit clear photo of your acne (both sides of your face, forehead & chin plus chest/back only if there is acne). Photo should be clearly focussed, free from reflection (no flash) or shadow and preferably taken in natural light during day-time.

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Mention your 10 digit WhatsApp no along with country code (total should be 12). If from india, start with 91 (already set)

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Health parameters

Choose acne morphology type as present in various anatomic location (GAGS).

Select associated features if present. 'Female only' options are applicable only if you are a female.

Select health condition, if present. 'Female only' options are applicable only if you are a female.

Choose medications to be excluded from the recommendation due to allery, intolerance, previous failure or any other reason like cost or availability.

If you are filling these fields, make sure the unit matches with your report as well.
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DHEA-S (microgram/l)

Prolactin (ng/ml)

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Serum LH (micro IU/ml)

AMH (ng/ml)

You will have chat with the doctor through WhatsApp. By continuing, you agree to our terms of online consultation

This is tool is for informational purpose only and should not be directly used for medical treatment. Always consult a dermatologist for opinion. Version 1.5 last updated on 11th july, 2023


Please wait as our system is now evaluating available evidences against your given patient description. This may take upto 1 minute. Check your data connection if it takes more than that.



I am on good faith allowing my doctor to examine my images and treat me. I agree that online consultation has many limitations; but due to ease(save money as no traveling cost, save time as no traveling/waiting, no loss of my day to day work, can pay online, prescription is always legible) of the procedure (online consultation) I am giving consent for treatment. As online consultation done through personal mobile phone the onus of diligently protecting my data including images does not implies to the doctor or the company. My data including images can be used for scientific presentation in medical conference, seminar, meetings or research purposes to increase/promote medical knowledge though my identity should not be disclosed.

I understand that multiple drugs can interact among themselves. I hereby declare that I will give full and correct information about all the medicine I take in any form and for any condition in the appropriate place.


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Regular pricing is 499 199 INR for Indian patients (5 USD for international patients). However, it may vary due to certain factors.

We have no fixed pricing for partner doctors (in case, we refer you to someone). Because, each doctor in our partner network can set his/her own fee. If the doctor wants, he/she can provide the consultation for free as well.


About us

Myskinmychoice is a tele-dermatology service that connects you with a qualified dermatologist through whatsapp.

How does it work ?

Send your request in WhatsApp and follow the instructions.

If your problem can be solved online, the dermatologist will chat with you and will send you a prescription link.

You need to pay the consultation fee to view the prescription.


Cancellation / Refund policy

Medical consultation is not a tangible good and therefore not refundable. However, if you are not satisfied with a particular doctor after consultation you should let us know by email or whatsapp.

In certain cases, when you have paid the consultation fees , but unable to view the prescription, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible. We have a transparent system to handle such disputes at the back-end and the issue should be solved without much delay.

If you already have informed your doctor about any payment dispute but he/she did not take any action within 3 days, you may directly contact us also by sending an email to :

Mention the following things in your email to speed up your review process.
1. Your name
2. Doctors name
3. Date of consultation date.
4. Transaction ID (optional) : If it was a failed transaction, you may be able to see it in the page where you were redirected immediately after the payment.
5. Your order no (As we use PayTM payment gateway, you should be able to see your order ID from your payTM app → Go to menu → My orders → Find the order details (merchent name should be my skin my choice ) → Get order no. (it starts with ORDS)

Disclaimer: Online consultation in any form is not a replacement of an actual visit to a dermatologist, nor that is intended for. To stay updated with our service, like our facebook page, or for any query/suggestion send a whatsapp to 9932575251.

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